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What Is A Tornado
A tornado is a violent rotating column of air which is in touch with the surface and a storm cloud.There are so many different forms of tornadoes that range in size and shape and even color depending on the environment. The categories of a tornado are F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5. Tornadoes are not to be taken kindly they are extremely dangerous and very fast. I mentioned earlier that tornadoes are associated with supercells. Tornadoes like to spin rapidly and collect debris that spins over 100 miles per hour. People who have reported tornadoes have often reported a sound that occurs when a tornado touchdowns. The sound ranges from a freight train, rushing rapids or waterfall and even a jet engine. Tornadoes can last minutes to even an hour or two depending on if the storm could lose intensity. There are also different types of tornadoes from multiple vortex's, waterspouts, and landspouts. Tornadoes cause high amounts of damage they can even wipe out a neighborhood by destroying houses, ripping tree's from their roots, causing street signs to fly, and even the neighborhood animal.